Ing. Arturo Gómez Poulat

Ing. Arturo

General Manager

A native of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Industrial Engineer with diplomas in Administration and Finance and Total Quality Processes, as well as Art History and Art in Jalisco, all from the Colegio de Jalisco.


Arts manager and promoter, Mr. Gómez Poulat is president and  founding member of the Asociación Civil La Lira de Orfeo, in which he has participated as manager and coordinator of the following cultural events :

Opera L’Orfeo (2007),

Homage to Gabilondo Soler Cri-Cri (2007),

Horacio Franco:  A thirty-year carreer (2008),

Gala Wagner (2009),

and Vespers of the Holy Virgin (2010), under the auspices of the Festival Guadalajara.

He also was cultural consultant for the newspaper Milenio during the same year (2010).

As president of La Lira de Orfeo he has participated in various forums on political support for culture in Jalisco.

Mr. Gomez Poulat has also imparted courses in music appreciation and appreciation of opera for the Department of Cultural Diffusion of the university Iteso. .