Tales Told Through Music - OFJ
Especiales 2020 Special Event
Tales Told Through Music
Sunday, January 19, 2020
12:30 hrs. Teatro Degollado

Tales Told Through Music

Orquesta Filarmónica de Jalisco 
“Erase una vez…” (Once Upon a Time) Productions

An educational concert that introduces symphonic music as it relates to classic stories written for children, this spectacle will stimulate our imaginations as the actions and passions of our favorite characters from classic tales are all described in music.

Our narrator, a magician,  tells a grand tale made up of many of our favorite stories from childhood by means of magic tricks, marionettes, and—of course—music.  The result is beautiful, and very eloquent.


The narrator brings us a scene from each of several different tales, spun into one grand tale with music as the connecting thread, symphonic music which provides its own narration and gives the public an inside look at what a symphony orchestra can impart to each of us.


The star of our show is the orchestra, as it interprets this music. And, Once Upon a Time… an orchestra is the master storyteller…

Sunday,  January 19th,12:30 PM
Teatro Degollado

*Tickets from $90 to $250 pesos, available at the Teatro Degollado Box Office and through the Ticketmaster system.

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